Cutting Edge Technology

Computers do not become tired and overworked, miscalculate quantities or costs, or forget the information that has been saved in it, people do.  Cost-OS construction estimating software eliminates the risk of human error from numerous manual entries.    The Enterprise Edition utilizes the high end technology standards of the Java Enterprise Edition Platform, which makes it extremely powerful compared to other estimating solutions.  The program can run on any operating system and can work with any database engine necessary for single source integration.


Cost-OS combines powerful databases with Microsoft Excel functionality. It allows users to easily input and extract previous bid data on their internal database or use external knowledgebases such as the SPON's, RSMeans etc. in One Solution.

The drag and drop feature, Excel type functions and filters, a search engine, and Excel integration allow the estimator to work much faster than he is used to. Intuitive development of assemblies and cost models provide the estimator real power to produce and complete parts of the estimate quickly. Moreover such models can be used by estimators for pre design and value engineering optimization.



Microsoft Excel 

All the cost data you have collected until now can be easily imported in Cost-OS thanks to its co-operation with Microsoft Excel™.  You can easily import and export cost data in the database from Microsoft Excel™.  Cost-OS also allows you to export your estimate into Microsoft Project and synchronize all of your resources with Primavera P6 in order to easily prepare the schedule of your bid.  The software reports can be exported to PDF files or Microsoft Word ™ or Excel ™ files, password protected or not.

Primavera P6

Ever prepared an estimate, then had to re-cost after the construction schedule had been applied?  Cost-OS provides integration Primavera P6 that enables the Estimate to generate in the schedule or vice versa.  The Scheduler applies his schedule requirements and Cost-OS then synchronizes from P6 and incorporates those changes automatically.


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