Over 75 Years of Experience

The North American team brings over 75 years of estimating experience to provide you the most efficient software on the market.  With the Executive, Sales and Technical Support team under one roof in Memphis, TN you'll never need to worry about receiving the service and support you deserve.  The user-friendly platform also aids successful implementations in a fraction of the time required by other software providers.

Since 2006, the Cost-OS product has reached more than 65 countries and continues to provide solutions for estimating across the entire planet. Our staff is dedicated to growing this product by investing in new ideas from our clients, technology and collaboration knowledge.   At Cost-OS, we listen to our customers to insure a product that can adapt to the every changing challenges of the industries we serve.  

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Company History

Cost-OS is the leading, UK-based software company specializing in construction cost estimating.  Their founders are engineers with real-life industry experience and they deliver practical, innovative, state of the art cost estimating software which is rapidly becoming the standard for all markets.  Cost-OS is designed for companies wanting to increase their competitiveness by responding to modern estimating challenges more quickly, with less effort, more accuracy, less risk and with an increased level of confidence.  65% of the world’s estimates are still created in spreadsheets and we understand that people are reluctant to change.  

Cost-OS estimating utilizes knowledge gained through use of Excel and similar programs.  It makes sense to harness and use that knowledge and experience with common functions and formulas created by the user.  These familiar spreadsheet functions enable companies to customize Cost-OS to their own needs and allow estimators to become comfortable and productive with the program sooner.  This customization removes the need for ‘Spreadsheet Compromise’ within a Company.

Reasons to consider Cost-OS

Cost-OS comes off the shelf with 2D, 3D/BIM and GIS Takeoff embedded within the software

Link to current pricing from on-line subscription databases such as RS Means, Richardson, BCIS etc. 

Access G.I.S. maps for Takeoff, including elevations, integrate information from 2D drawings takeoffs and 3D BIM models

Comes off the shelf with 12k+ item database, cost models and the ability create your own ‘Smart Assemblies’ to utilize standard formulas throughout your company

Cost-OS can be housed in a Standalone, Enterprise or Cloud environment where multiple estimators can work on the same project at the same time regardless of geographical location...with user rights assigned enabling or restricting estimators' project visibility 

Microsoft Excel seamless import/export of historical data 

Large software organizations like Oracle, recommend Cost-OS as their preferred solution due to the strong integration to Primavera P6.

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