CostOS Enterprise Edition

CostOS™ Enterprise was developed to achieve consistency and centralization of estimates and historical data.  Multiple estimators can collaborate in real time on the same estimate, regardless of geographical location.  User based functions for estimate visibility can be delegated by the administrator.  User Teams can also be assigned to specify project roles as well as manage the use of company data altogether.

CostOS includes options for 2D, 3D/BIM, and GIS embedded takeoffs and an Assemblies Development Module.

Flexible pricing options give you the benefit of only paying for Cost-OS software components your company will ultilize.

A global knowledgebase can be built allowing comparisons between different cities/countries as well as cost optimization for procurement and fabrication locations. Consistency in the estimates is achieved, even from company offices in different countries.  The powerful database and user friendly interface will boost your cost estimating department’s productivity, therefore increasing your profitable project ratio.

CostOS with 2D Takeoff 

The CostOS 2D Takeoff plugin can perform functions no other takeoff and estimating software can.  

Just the assembly integration with Cost-OS 2D alone will save hundreds of manhours.  Simply click the 2D measurement icon within the assembly and it automatically detects what you want to measure...area, length, volume or count.  Assembly and 2D Takeoff windows can be opened at the same time, enabling the user to work parallel on both screens.  Edits made to the takeoff will update your estimate spreadsheet automatically.

CostOS with BIM Takeoff

BIM technology has been in CostOS since the beginning, seamlessly integrated with no imports, links etc. that could hinder functionality of other programs.  Multiple files from different modeling solutions can be loaded into one model, simultaneously.   

This module enables quantity takeoffs on 3D models from any designing program.  Because CostOS already stores the relationship between model classes and cost database items utilizing open industry standard IFC files, CostOS BIM can be used, regardless of the designing tool used to create the model. 

Smart assemblies interrogate BIM Models to find any missing pieces or discrepancies, giving control of the model to the estimator to adjust materials, placement, pricing etc.  Revised models can also be loaded for a side by side comparison analysis with all changes automatically detected for review.

CostOS with GIS (Geographic Information System) Takeoff 

Measure quantities literally on-site with mapping tools like Google and Bing, embedded with costs.  This 2D takeoff function can include land areas, perimeters or even the distance from an oil platform to shore.  Elevations and depths are provided by NASA's server giving you even higher accuracy on linear projects such as pipelines, roads, railways, transition lines etc.  

Combining GIS with assemblies makes it possible to draw a line on the map automatically produce the estimate.

This GIS takeoff function is priceless to early phase, conceptual estimates for infrastructure projects, site work, etc.

CostOS with Assembly Development 

Assemblies sit at the core of Cost-OS and will accelerate the production of estimates as well as used for value engineering options.

The Assembly Developer enables users to semi or fully automate their estimates.  Assemblies can be easily defined by the estimators by using our Excel-like mathematical language and kept on the central database.  They can produce line items based on logical statements, calculate their quantities, and assign resources to them.  The assemblies can use historical, online commercial or conceptual data.

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