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Any estimate, whether done by hand, Excel, Cost-OS or another estimating software, is only as accurate as the estimator who created it.  That's why the support team at Cost-OS will insure you are trained and equipped to be among the fastest and most accurate estimators in the industry.  Our support personnel are experienced engineers (i.e. Civil, Architectural, Oil & Gas, Mining and software developers) who are directly involved in the advancement of the Cost-OS program.

 Successful implementation of the software is facilitated with a Discovery Workshop...

The Discovery Workshop

The Discovery Workshop gives us an introspective look at how a company processes the estimate from the receipt of documents to the deliverable bid.  We map the process by employing both Value and Lean management techniques to create a plan catered to the way your estimating department currently functions.  This targeted approach results in fast track learning and engagement, achieving implementation goals much faster.   

The Discovery Workshop includes: 

1)      Installation – getting the software installed with the right access rights and roles of users 

2)      Data Migration – Importing Historical Data from Past Estimates or Actual Projects into the Cost-OS Centralized Database 

3)       Implementation – setting up layouts, cost models, access to commercial databases, and custom reports that our clients want to have within Cost-OS

4)       Training – teaching users on not only how to use Cost-OS but also the assembly development knowledge needed to improve their estimating competency

5)       Support – year round unlimited software, user support and updates with annual maintenance subscription.  Solutions provided within the same conversation. 

Implementation Support

The staff at Cost-OS has long been focused on assisting customers with the implementation of estimating software solutions designed to fit their company’s individual needs.  Our range of services includes estimate management, process analysis, knowledge base development and consultation.  

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