Infrastructure Engineering

Cost-OS is the most powerful estimating tool for any infrastructure project.  Highways, Bridges, Airports, Transit Projects, Heavy Civil, Water Power & Dams, Tunnels, Mine Infrastructure, Sewer & Water, Mainline Pipeline, High Voltage Transmission Line, and Building Construction estimate building progresses much faster in One Solution.  

Cost-OS also supplies internal and sub-contractor liability expenses, net cost and value engineering suggestions, along with crucial information about sub-contractors and material vendors for construction contractors.

On the Fly

In addition to the parametric engine of Cost-OS, together with GIS based capabilities, allow estimators to work closely with engineering departments, optimizing site layouts and methodologies, equipment specifications as well as fabrication and transportation costs.  

An intelligent and comprehensive knowledgebase, by which new and junior estimators can reference and adopt swiftly.

Large organizations that operate over several countries keep all collected data within one solution and build location factors for quick and more accurate estimate adjustments.  Alternative options for building the estimate, can be evaluated “on the fly” and any reports/analytics needed are possible to build and run over the database.  All the above are translated into increased efficiency and profit for an organization.

Cost-OS not only will depreciate itself within the first project, but it will also become a valuable asset for the organizations future operations.

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