Oil and Gas

Cost-OS covers all 5 classes of estimates, from conception to (FEED) phase, for the Oil and Gas sector.  Its powerful parametric engine can be used to value engineer projects and fully support critical decisions, such as scope and engineering parameters - even procurement and fabrication locations of the equipment. 

The NoDoC Conceptual Cost Knowledgebase and availability of One Click access to databases such as RS Means and Richardson, make Cost-OS the best choice for all types of Oil and Gas project estimating.

What is NoDoc?

The NoDoC Knowledgebase contains advanced algorithms and can size projects or parts of projects.  NoDoc is exclusive to the Cost-OS platform.  The RSMeans assemblies are well known and well respected within the industry.  Reference to the RSMeans books, in addition to location factors of the Means database, are built within these assemblies.


For CAPEX, NoDoC combines parametric cost models with live cost databases by decomposition of equipment components to raw materials.  The manufacturing process of materials, equipment and consumables is also one of the parameters in the Cost Assemblies and Cost Models.  The price of raw materials is connected to the real time price data providers, such as LME (London Metal Exchange).  Next, the models estimate the finished cost of the desired equipment.  In this way, the physical industry can have confidence that the range of NoDoC results properly reflects the current supply/demand situation in the market.

The NoDoc Knowledgebase

The NoDoc Knowledgebase sits at the very heart of Cost-OS available knowledge offerings.  Developed by Dione Oil Company, with more than 20 years of experience in the oil and gas field, the NoDoC Knowledgebase Database covers both offshore and onshore oil and gas projects.The knowledgebase has been applied successfully in some of the largest projects in the gulf region.

The latest project estimated by Cost-OS via NoDoc is a 280 km of 30 inch pipeline in the Persian Gulf.

NoDoC Offshore:

NoDoc includes several oil offshore projects cost data, including sub-sea pipelines, cabling , jackets and platforms, drilling jack ups etc. 

NoDoc Onshore:

The NoDoc Knowledgebase is conceptual.  It provides cost rather than prices.  The unique aspect about the Onshore Models and Assemblies is that the Estimator can define the required Estimate class, and accordingly answer an interactive set of questions to produce the estimate with the respective accuracy.

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